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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: The Exodus Edition

The exodus of NBA Draft prospects from Kentucky begins. Where will it end?

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Wednesday Morning Quickies.

Today’s lead story is Malik Monk bidding farewell to the Big Blue Nation with a really nice letter. Hat tip: KSR.

Monk talks more about his decision at ZagsBlog, and as usual, it’s one of those bittersweet moments the Big Blue Nation has become used to since Coach Cal came to Kentucky. Monk, of course, has no meaningful reason at all to stay in school, just like his back-court running mate De’Aaron Fox. Both these guys leaving after one year has been fait accompli almost since Big Blue Madness.

But it always hurts a little to see them go. It would be nice if we could get to enjoy players like this for multiple seasons, but it would also be unfair to them, given today’s basketball climate. We both Monk and Fox well at the next level, and I expect to hear from both of them almost immediately.

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  • Marques Bolden will be returning to Duke. That could be good news when it comes to Mo Bamba’s recruitment.

  • Mike DeCourcy on the officiating in the NCAA Tournament championship game:

    Although the crew of Mike Eades, Verne Harris and Michael Stephens were too easily tricked on some calls (UNC guard Joel Berry getting three free throws because he was blown down by Josh Perkins’ jetstream) or did not enforce the rules as directed (Zags center Zach Collins’ second foul came on what appeared to be a straight verticality play), the biggest reason they called so many fouls is because there were so many fouls. That’s possible, you know.

    He’s right. They made some obvious bad calls (I thought the flagrant on Karnowski was absolute bullcrap) but they called a lot of fouls because there was a lot of fouling going on.

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