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Rod Strickland talks John Calipari, one-and-done

The former Kentucky assistant is currently on staff at South Florida

Kentucky v Michigan Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Rod Strickland recently spoke to The Undefeated regarding his time at Kentucky, working with John Calipari, and the one-and-done system.

Strickland is a former Calipari assistant at Kentucky and had positive things to say in his interview.

On what he learned from Calipari:

“What I learned from Cal? Accountability and vision. He just dares to be different. In sports there are a lot of copycats, and sometimes in sports people are comfortable following the status quo. When you don’t follow the status quo, people say, ‘How dare you be different?’ That’s what I love about Cal. He goes against the norm, and that’s what my vision will be when I get the opportunity to be a head coach.”

Strickland also talked about John Wall and his one year at Kentucky. He said that the one year really helps players prepare for the next level.

“What they learned at Kentucky was it’s not just about you. I think that lesson helps the players in their development.”

Strickland, a former NBA point guard that is considered by many one of the best to never make an all-star game, had some nice quotes in the piece about one-and-done, Kentucky, and Calipari.

Check out the full piece here.