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Isaac Humphries explains decision to pursue professional career

Humphries is leaving UK and planning to play professionally

NCAA Basketball: New Jersey Tech at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Former Kentucky big man Isaac Humphries made a special guest appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio Thursday morning, and he offered an explanation for his decision to leave the University of Kentucky and pursue a career playing professionally.

“I’m in a unique situation because I’m international and I have those options,” Humphries told KSR, referring to the rule prohibiting teams from having more than two Americans. “If I went back to Australia, technically, I wouldn’t be an import because I am a citizen. That obviously helped with making my decision. I had all those options so it’s not so narrow; I’ve got more of a broad decision.”

Humphries said that it was overall a difficult decision, but thought it was the right move after consulting with those around him.

“I think it was the best decision for me to go pro, wherever that takes me,” he said.

Humphries said that he enjoyed his time at Kentucky and enjoyed spending time with his teammates, fans, and the local community.

He also spoke about his performances against Texas A&M and North Carolina.

“I was happy that I did so well in that game, but also devastated about how it ended,” Humphries said about the game against the Aggies, in which he was called for a technical foul late in the game. “I also felt so bad for my team, but everyone had my back in the locker room. I kept trying to say I was sorry but nobody would take it.”

“In such an important game, I was really glad I could step up and perform,” he said about the UNC Elite Eight game this year.