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Recruiting experts not picking Kentucky Basketball for Mo Bamba, Kevin Knox, Mark Smith

They do think Kentucky lands Jemarl Baker.

USA Today

Are the Kentucky Wildcats about to endure a rough finish to their 2017 class?

It’s hard to complain about a recruiting haul that’s ranked No. 1 in every major service, so adding anyone else would seemingly be icing on the cake. However, Kentucky is losing at least eight players off this past season’s roster, so they need to add at least one more impact player in this class to reload for another run at the Final Four.

The favorite to be said player has been Mohamed Bamba for awhile now. However, three of’s four recruiting experts think Texas will be the pick.

Eric Bossi was the lone expert to pick the Cats for Bamba, while Corey Evans, Dan McDonald and Krysten Peek all picked the Longhorns.

It gets worse in regards to Kevin Knox, another elite player who has Kentucky among his finalists. Bossi thinks Duke will be the pick, while Evans and McDonald went with North Carolina. Peek went with Missouri, who Knox just visited before delaying his decision date.

All four experts also think Kentucky misses on Mark Smith but land Jemarl Baker. Those two just recently emerged as possible late additions to this class, and it’s a safe bet that John Calipari gets one of them with Kentucky badly needing shooters.

That said, Bamba is easily the most important recruit left on the board, not to mention the guy who would have the biggest impact on Kentucky next season if he comes to Lexington.

With Bamba, the Cats will have another Final Four contender. Without him, Kentucky would struggle just to earn a top-four seed in the NCAA Tournament. There’s still no decision date for Bamba, so while he may be favoring Texas at this very moment, there’s still time for Kentucky to get him on board.