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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Football Spring Practice Edition

Kentucky has begun spring practice for football. Lots of questions need answering about next season.

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies.

It seems a little below the radar for some reason (I know basketball is big, but…) that Kentucky football has begun spring practice. There are a ton of questions to be answered about next season’s team, especially who will be backing up Bennie Snell, and who will be the "lightning" to Snell’s "thunder."

But probably more pressing are the defensive line questions, who will replace Jon Toth at center, and what will the offense look like compared to last season, when Kentucky committed to a run-heavy strategy to feature Boom Williams and Snell. Will we have the talent in the backfield to do that again, or will we have to adjust that strategy.

Stay tuned, Wildcats football fans.

Tweet of the Morning

Question asked:

Well, we’ll see if it happens.

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College football
  • Rules committee recommends changes for this season. I find this a bridge too far:

    The committee also proposed including the nameplate area of the jersey in the current horse-collar tackle rule.

    Also this:

    The groups also endorsed placing a heightened focus on sideline management, particularly toward coaches entering the field to protest officiating decisions. A document detailing current rules and expectations was developed and endorsed by the committee and will be distributed to coaches and officials.

    … is probably overdue.

College basketball
  • John Gasaway’s Tuesday Truths, every one is a must-read. Here’s a teaser:

    We began the 2016-17 season by talking about the top two teams in the preseason AP top 25: Duke and Kentucky. Now, 18 weeks later, the Blue Devils are ranked No. 14 and on track for perhaps a No. 4 seed. The Wildcats have fared rather better, ranked No. 8 and looking at a probable spot on the No. 2 line in the bracket that comes out Sunday evening.

    Make no mistake, a No. 2 seed after a 26-5 regular season is: a) outstanding; and b) about as outstanding as it gets for a team with so little experience returning from the previous season.

  • Oh, dear. The dreaded "Vote of confidence."

  • USA Today taps Kansas’ Frank Mason as Player of the Year. Well deserved, I think. Mason has been amazing.

    They also named Lonzo Ball as freshman of the year. That’s a little more disputable — I’d be more inclined to go with Markelle Fultz.

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