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Kentucky is “nothing special” according to Wichita State

Calipari has to be loving this.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina vs Kentucky Alumni Game Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It’s becoming clear that Wichita State wants to beat Kentucky while getting the Wildcats’ best shot Sunday.

The Shockers have been dishing at an abnormal amount of trash talk for a 10 seed playing a 2 seed, but they insist on making headlines with their ‘assessment’ of the Cats.

After Darral Willis said he was going to shut down Bam Adebayo, he also said Kentucky was “nothing special.”

I’m not sure Kentucky has ever been dogged this much publicly under John Calipari, who absolutely has to be loving this. It’s no secret this Kentucky team plays to its competition, so the last thing a team like Wichita State needs is to give added motivation, which the Cats now have plenty of.

To be fair, it’s clear that, at least in the case of the other D. Willis, that he’s not afraid of any college team right now.

Problem is, Kentucky isn’t just any other team, and he’ll get to see that up close on Sunday.