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Darral Willis says Bam Adebayo getting shut down on Sunday

Alrighty then.

Florida v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Kentucky may have not looked like a dominant 2 seed in a 79-70 win over NKU, but Bam Adebayo was his dominant self.

The freshman forward scored 15 points and pulled down a career-high 18 rebounds in the Wildcats win over the Norse.

“All I can ask from my teammates is to get me the ball and hopefully I keep scoring and getting fouled,” Adebayo said after the win.

Those 18 boards were the third-most ever by a Wildcat in the NCAA Tournament and the highest single-game total in over 60 years. His 283 rebounds this season are the sixth-most ever by a Wildcat freshman.

Darral Willis is not impressed.

The Wichita State forward doesn’t see Adebayo having another big game on the boards when the two clash in Sunday’s Round of 32 action.

Somewhere, Doug Shows is saying to himself, “I’m the only one who can shut Bam down.’

Willis probably isn’t the guy who should talk about shutting anyone down. He’s averaging just 16 minutes per game and had just three rebounds in Friday’s win over Dayton.

And it’s not like the Shockers should be giving Kentucky any more reason to be fired up for Sunday, but they may have just done that, at least with Bam. The only thing shutting him down right now is foul trouble.