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John Wall calls out NCAA for giving Duke an easy bracket yet again

The former Cat pulled no punches when talking about Duke’s “easy” path to the Final Four.

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In an interview with CSN’s Chris Miller and Tony Massenburg, John Wall openly called out the NCAA selection committee for where they placed (and consistently place) Duke in the tournament bracket.

“NCAA got their favoritism where they hide teams,” Wall said. “Go look at Duke’s bracket and tell me how easy their coaching’s gonna be until they play whoever they play. Who do they play? Villanova maybe?”

He has a point. Baylor is arguably the weakest #3 seed and the only formidable opponent the Blue Devils could face before the Elite Eight.

“Coach K wins his championships, I give him all that, he’s a great coach. Heck of a coach. But why does Duke always end up with the easiest bracket when they’re not the overall number one seed?”

Big Blue Nation has been airing this complaint for years, especially as Kentucky sits in this year’s region of death.

Check out the full video of John Wall’s interview below:

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