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Quade Green Talks UK, playing with Isaiah Briscoe

Green has a lot of nice things to say about his future team. He’d also like to play with Isaiah Briscoe.

UK commit Quade Green, a 6-1 point guard who’s looking for a fourth-straight Pennsylvania state championship, is also preparing to play in the Nike Hoop Summit.

In an interview with Trenton Miller at the USA Basketball website, Green spoke a lot about his potential teammates at Kentucky, John Calipari, and what Kentucky can do for him.

He first talked about Mohamed Bamba, an undecided UK recruit who is going to be playing alongside Green in the Hoop Summit.

Bamba is one of four uncommitted players on the USA roster, and despite being buddies, Green is not trying too hard to sway Bamba in favor of the Wildcats. He lets him know where his loyalty lies, though.

“I just say ‘BBN’ – Big Blue Nation – to him, when I see him.”

This isn’t new; according to interview he’s done in the past, Green has been reminding Bamba about the BBN for months now. Glad to see he’s been persistent.

Green is also looking to catch up with future teammate Jarred Vanderbilt, according to the interview, as Vanderbilt will be on the USA roster for the Summit as well.

Green also raved about John Calipari, and what he’s built at Kentucky.

“He’s a hard worker, and he’s dedicated to his craft,” Green said. “He wants to build with the best players in the country. His results show for themselves. He does well with them, and he gets his players better, too, from high school to the end of their college careers.”

Green also talked about former Hoop Summit competitor Isaiah Briscoe, who he’s apparently been friends with for awhile.

“If he comes back, we’ll have fun,” Green said. “I can play with another guy in the backcourt. I’m not a selfish player. But, it’s everyone’s dream to play in the league.

“If he does come back, it’ll be good for me and good for him, because we can set one another up. We can both handle the ball and both can score.

Briscoe is expected to go pro this year, but the thought of having those two in the same backcourt is nice to think about.

Green is going to get a situation similar to what he’ll experience at Kentucky during this Hoop Summit. He’s going to play around the best of the best, which can only mean good things for a guy that shares the ball as much as he does (he averaged 10.5 assists in the Nike EYBL).

You can read more of the interview here, which includes Green’s life in Philadelphia, his favorite cheesesteak places, his love for Allen Iverson and more.