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Barack Obama predicts 2017 NCAA Tournament

The former president continued his annual tradition of filling out a bracket even after leaving office for both the men’s and women’s tourney.

NCAA Womens Basketball: NCAA Championship-Connecticut White House Visit Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

During his eight years in office, former U.S. Pres. Barack Obama made an annual tradition of filling out a bracket during tournament time.

Even though he left office in January, Obama released his bracket picks for the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournament.

For the men’s tournament, Obama predicted a Duke vs. North Carolina championship game with UNC coming out on top. Arizona and Kansas rounding out the Final Four.

As for Kentucky, Obama has them advancing to the Elite 8 before bowing out to North Carolina.

For what it’s worth, he has Louisville falling to Michigan in the Round of 32.

On the women’s side, Obama was not too confident in Kentucky. He has Matthew Mitchell’s squad falling in the opening round to 13-seed Belmont (27-5), coming off of an OVC championship.

Obama predicts the UCONN Women’s team to continue their winning streak and defeat Notre Dame in the title game for yet another national championship.

On the men’s side, Obama has not always been the most trustworthy person for bracket advice. Only once did he correctly pick the national champion (UNC in 2009)

Like him or not as a politician, it is pretty neat to see him continue this tradition. President Donald Trump opted not to fill out a bracket this year.