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Kentucky Wildcats will run as far as De’Aaron Fox takes them

De’Aaron Fox has become a force to be reckoned with. Can he carry Kentucky to a title?

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Kentucky vs Georgia Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Within a few games of the beginning of this season, the roles of the new guys seemed clearly defined: Bam would rebound and dunk, Monk would score all of the points, and Fox would run the floor and rack up insane numbers of assists.

That assessment held strong for the first month of the season. The fast-paced Kentucky Wildcats were embarrassing lesser opponents and looked like a juggernaut.

When things got tough, however, roles and responsibilities seemed to shuffle. There was a reboot, that was later tweaked, and now the Wildcats look like something different. Maybe not as fast, sometimes not as pretty.

But, somehow, they may be more dangerous. They look tournament ready.

March Madness is amazingly unpredictable, but the one consistent piece of any winning formula is the leadership of a dynamic point guard. There are many to choose from in this tournament field. But if you have watched any college basketball in the last few weeks, you would be ignorant not to bet on De’Aaron Fox.

Since coming back from the injury he suffered against the Missouri Tigers on February 21st, Fox has been a monster. He is averaging 19.6 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 2 assists per game. He is shooting 57% from the field, 60% (!) from the three-point line, and 76% from the charity stripe in that span.

Those statistics are astounding, but they really do not give credit to the ease with which Fox has been producing. Especially during the SEC Tournament, he did absolutely anything and everything he wanted to do with the ball.

If we wanted to get a basket, he drove and finished. If he wanted to take a jumper, he created space and knocked the bottom out of it.

For a great deal of league play, but especially in the last three weeks, De’Aaron Fox has been borderline unstoppable. Any time a game was in question during this 11 game winning streak, he has taken over by consistently getting to the rack and making his free throws to close out the game.

If the pattern holds and the National Champion is led to the promised land by a point guard that nobody can handle, I’m hitching my wagon to De’Aaron Fox.

Right now, I would choose him over anybody in the country to lead my team.