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NCAA Tournament 2017: Field of 68 Ranking Revealed

How did the committee rank all 68 teams? We’re glad you asked.

UCLA v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The NCAA Tournament is set, and while everyone is focusing on the matchups, how the teams were ranked is one of the mos intriguing things to see after the brackets are set.

Shortly after the field of 68 was unveiled, the selection committee also revealed how they ranked every team:

Seeing Kentucky be the final 2 seed isn’t going to soothe the sting of being left off the 1 line, but it still shows just how far the Cats have come in the past Month.

Back when the committee released their top 16 seeds in earl February, Kentucky was the final 3 seed and probably should have been a 4 after getting dismantled at Florida.

11 straight wins later, they are the best 2 seed and riding a wave of momentum heading into the Big Dance.

Now, the Cats will likely face Wichita State (38), UCLA (11) and North Carolina (3) if they want a tripe to the Final Four. It’s a tough road, but it’s one this Kentucky team looks fully prepared to travel.