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Bracketology Roundup: Can Kentucky pass UNC or Gonzaga for 1 seed?

With conference tournaments coming to a close, bracket projections are heating up.

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tourney bracket (3)

With the North Carolina Tar Heels going down Friday, can the Kentucky Wildcats pass them for a 1 seed?

Joe Lunardi doesn’t think so. Over at ESPN, Lunardi keeps Kentucky as the 2-seed in the South Region with UNC as the 1-seed. Michigan or Seton Hall would be potential second round opponents, and Baylor comes in as the 3-seed.

Baylor’s fall after losing early in the Big 12 tournament could lead to a Wildcats-Bears Sweet 16 matchup. Looking at other potential 3 seeds like Louisville, Duke or UCLA, Baylor seems like one of the more favorable 3 seeds UK could ask for.

Over at CBS, Jerry Palm also keeps Kentucky as a 2-seed in UNC’s region. Palm also places Baylor in the South Region, but the 7/10 matchup would be Virginia and Oklahoma State.

The interesting aspect of these is that Duke has leaped to a 2-seed in both projections, while Louisville has fallen to a 3-seed. Kansas remains a one-seed despite being upset by TCU in their matchup in the Big 12 Tournament, but is no longer the overall 1-seed.

USA Today may have the most interesting projection ahead of Selection Sunday. They still have UNC earning a 1 seed, but Gonzaga is knocked down to a 2 seed in favor of Oregon. That would seem to indicate Kentucky could get a 1 seed if they win the SEC Tournament and Oregon loses to Arizona in the Pac-12 Tournament.

For now, that projection has Kentucky guessed it; the South Region with UNC.

The Bracket Matrix still has Kentucky on the cusp of a 1 seed, but Gonzaga just barely edges them out for the final spot.

Today’s matchups will likely influence some more seed shifting before Selection Sunday.