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Hamidou Diallo explains decision to sit and develop

It sounds like Diallo could play if he wants, but that’s not the plan.

UK Athletics

With the Kentucky Wildcats’ recent struggles, many have wondered if Hamidou Diallo could give this team a spark off the bench.

After all, the five-star guard is one of the more talented players on an already-deep roster, but the guys ahead of him have struggled enough to think Diallo may actually help this team, even if it’s for just 5-10 minutes per game.

But that was never the plan for Diallo after he joined the team in the middle of this season, and it doesn’t sound like that’s changing anytime soon. In an interview with, Diallo explain his decision to join UK after beginning the season at Putnam Science Academy before joining the Cats in January.

“For right now, we’re just sticking to the plan of me sitting for the semester and getting better on the court and competing with these guys in practice,” Diallo said

“It was ultimately my call. Cal just respected it. I mean, he didn’t know what I wanted to do at first. When I told him I was thinking about coming early he thought I wanted to play, but I told him I just wanted to come and get better on the court and just develop my skills and get prepared for next year. He just respected that and told me that if I felt like that was the best decision for me then so be it.”

While Diallo may or may not be able to help this team, there’s no question he’s going to have a huge role for the Cats next season, and it’s something he’s looking forward to.

“I can’t wait to play with that group,” Diallo said of next year’s team and the incoming Wildcats. “I feel like once we get in the gym we’re going to be a great team. We’re just all going to want to play for each other. I just can’t wait to get with that group in the gym and just see everyone and be with everyone every day, just like I am with these guys every day.”

Be sure to read the full interview.