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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly vs Florida Gators

Was there really anything good, or was this game just bad and ugly for the Wildcats?

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats struggled to find offense in the entire game, they had no defense, and stupid fouls gave them their worst loss of the season.

The Good:

Was there anything good in this game? Well, no, but De’Aaron Fox was the bright spot off the bench for the Wildcats. His 19 points, not to mention going 9 of 10 at the line, he was the main reason for 90% of the offense in the first 30 minutes of the game.

When everyone else was struggling, especially Malik Monk, who had no points in the first half, Fox was solid. Unfortunately, that was the only bright spot, and with three turnovers, it was still a reach.

The Bad:

Another very hard subject to choose because their wasn’t many bad moments. The Wildcats were in foul trouble more than once. In fact, the Florida Gators spent the last 12 minutes of the second half in double bonus. It didn’t help when both Fox and Monk had three fouls a piece by the same mark in the second.

The officials were not kind to the Wildcats, but dumb fouls were not the fault of the officials on the court.

The Ugly:

The whole entire game was ugly for the men in blue. A terrible offense, a non-existent defense, and lets face it, the most flat team performance seen this season. This was a team unworthy of a number two seed or even a number three seed after this performance.

They were out rebounded by the Gators 30 to 52. They only secured six offensive rebounds, so second chances were no where to be found. They were doubled up in rebounds as late as five minutes left in the game.

The Wildcats are now 2-4 against a top 25 ranked opponents. It was embarrassing and down right awful for a team that was a favorite for a run to another title. Right now, they aren’t even a tournament worthy team with how they played on Saturday night.

They will play host to the LSU Tigers on Tuesday night. The bright side is the tigers are 1-8 against the division and 9-12 overall. However, just like Tennessee, the Wildcats must take every game they can and find their rhythm once again.