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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: ESPN 680 Loss to Florida Podcast

Lachlan McLean and I discuss the travesty in Gainesville.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

At no point in the season did I think this team would ever get destroyed like it did by the Florida Gators last night in Gainesville. There is too much talent on the team and the offense is too good. Yet the Gators shellacked the visiting Kentucky Wildcats 88-66.

I luckily have a post game radio show that I use as a vehicle to vent my frustration and I used it to full effect last night. Here is what we discussed:

  • What happened on the court was pathetic and an embarrassment
  • De’Aaron Fox was sick but was still the only guy that showed up to play
  • Callers took to the phones and were not happy
  • John Calipari gets paid a ton of money, he needs to fix this
  • The team quit in the second half and Cal didn’t do much to right the ship
  • Malik Monk laughing on the bench isn’t the end of the world but it’s not a good look
  • Is Cal more worried about being a celebrity than a coach
  • John Calipari’s post game press conference
  • If this team hasn’t grasped defense by now, it may not happen
  • Tired of the young excuse
  • This team looked so good in November and December, what in the world happened
  • This team is not a top 10 team and it certainly isn’t a Final Four team
  • Much, much more

LSU and Johnny Jones are a pathetic mess of a team and they bring their one SEC win to Rupp Arena on Tuesday night. If by some act of God the ‘Cats lose that game, fold up the tent poles because the season is over.

I don’t think they will lose to the Tigers and actually I’m glad this game is happening now. The season is on the brink and the team needs a big win in the worst way. If UK doesn’t blow the doors off of LSU, then there is still plenty of worry to go around.

As always, check us out on ESPN 680 right after the game. If you aren’t in the Louisville area, you can stream the show on the ESPN 680 website, on the ESPN 680 app, or on iHeartRadio.