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#25 Kentucky WBB vs. Vandy

The Cats look to close out a rough weekend on a high note

NCAA Womens Basketball: SEC Basketball Tournament - South Carolina vs Kentucky Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rough week for Kentucky basketball. The ladies lost their hold on 3rd place in SEC play with losses at Mizzou and to #4 South Carolina, while the men struggled to defeat Georgia in OT and were completed dismantled at Florida. If I were Mitch Barnhart, I’d be burning sage, lining doorways with salt, sprinkling holy water everywhere in sight, making sure Jobu has plenty of rum, AND negotiating like crazy with the Evil League of Evil because apparently our chi ticked someone off good and proper. (How’s that for a gloriously insane mashup of metaphors & pop culture references?)

That run of insanity ends today. Vandy is the worst team in the league at 1-8, and an overall record of 11-11. That’s outstanding news because these Cats really need a win to get their mojo back. A win today, and Jess Hardin back from concussion protocol would be the best news heard this month.

Tipoff is at noon today on the SEC Network.