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NBA Trade Deadline 2017: Kentucky Wildcats Edition

Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones headline the names of former Wildcats who could be on the move at the NBA’s Trade Deadline.

Terrance Jones & Brandon Knight celebrating a win over Indiana in 2011.
Getty Images

With DeMarcus Cousins moved out of Sacramento just days after they made public they would keep him, anything seems possible this week before Thursday’s Trade Deadline.

Terrence Jones, Brandon Knight, Willie Cauley-Stein, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Nerlens Noel, James Young and Rajon Rondo have all been mentioned in trade rumors this past week.

Pelicans receive: SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Hornets receive: SF Solomon Hill, C Alexis Ajinca, second round pick

Why it WON’T work: New Orleans lost shooting by trading Buddy Hield in the Cousins deal. The Pelicans would receive a great defender/rebounder in Kidd-Gilchrist but their shooting wouldn’t improve.

Kings receive: SF Jimmy Butler

Bulls receive: SG Aaron Afflalo, C Willie Cauley-Stein, SG Malachi Richardson, 2017 first round pick

Why it WON’T work: Kings have fully committed to a rebuild process by dealing a top-15 player in DeMarcus Cousins. Jimmy Butler is in his prime and a rebuild would be a worst-case scenario for him. The Kings would also give up many of their “future” guys for one superstar, which isn’t a smart move for the organization right now. Then again, it is the Kings.

Magic receive: PG Brandon Knight, PF Alan Williams

Suns receive: SF Jeff Green

Why it WILL work: The Magic have been a dumpster fire since Dwight Howard left the organization in 2012. While Elfrid Payton has been a nice young guard, his jump shot has limited range. Brandon Knight brings scoring to a young team with nice upside.


Celtics receive: SF Jimmy Butler, PF Bobby Portis

Bulls receive: PG Brandon Knight, PF Amir Johnson, SF Jae Crowder, 2018 Celtics first round Pick (VIA Nets)

Suns receive: PF Taj Gibson

Why it WILL work: Any trade including Boston is possible due to their endless amount of assets (courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets). Phoenix loosens they’re clustered back court with an expiring contract while the Celtics receive their superstar and the Bulls get a new PG as well as young guys to halfway commit to a rebuild. Knight was “the guy” in Phoenix but with their massive amount of Kentucky guards on roster, he is least likely to stay with the club.

Pelicans receive: SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Pistons receive: SG Quincy Pondexter, PF Terrence Jones, future second round pick

Why it WILL work: New Orleans just landed top-3 big man DeMarcus Cousins to pair alongside top-3 big man Anthony Davis. The Pelicans add to their back court in pursuit to a playoff berth while Detroit trades away Pope for cheap contracts. Jones has played a key role for New Orleans so far this season but with the addition of Cousins, his time their may be up.

Celtics receive: PF Nerlens Noel

Sixers receive: SG James Young, PG Demetrius Jackson

Why it WILL work: Celtics fix rebounding issues with athletic big while Sixers receive a pair of young guards to further enhance their rebuild process. We can all agree James Young’s time in Boston has been a disappointment and he will receive a fresh start in Philadelphia.

While these players could easily be moved in these scenarios or others, no sure speculations have been made as of Monday afternoon. Rajon Rondo, the only player not included in any trade speculations, has been rumored to possibly be released after the trade deadline if no team is willing to trade for his $14-million per-year contract.

Many analysts expect it to be a quiet next few days around the league but as last night showed, trades can happen very fast. Stay tuned to A Sea Of Blue for your latest news on former Kentucky Wildcats.