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John Calipari preemptively denies rumors he’ll coach Anthony Davis and Boogie with Pelicans

You know they’re coming, and when they do, Calipari has already shot them down.

USA Basketball Men's National Team Training Camp Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Following the blockbuster trade that saw DeMarcus Cousins land with the Pelicans, John Calipari is already shooting down rumors he’ll be coaching in New Orleans.

Funny thing is, those rumors didn’t get enough time to matriculate after Sunday’s trade that saw the Kings send their All-Star big man to join Anthony Davis and the Pelicans, who suddenly become an ideal spot for Calipari to go if he ever wants to make the NBA jump.

But it’s not happening, and if those rumors ever pop up that he’s interested in the job, Calipari already shot them down during a Monday interview with the Dan Patrick Show.

“No happening,” Calipari said. “I’d rather be in the situation that I’m in to be help, to be a mentor, whatever they need me to be. I’ve got a position where it’s more than just basketball. What moves me now at my age is we’re creating hope for people and kids.”

That said, Calipari is thrilled with the fact that he has two of his All-Star big men now playing together, which undoubtedly lead to more wins for them.

“The thought of it, that they’re so different yet they’re big, they’re talented, and they’re skilled,” Calipari said. “The biggest thing is both of them want to win.”