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Kentucky Basketball getting upgrades at Joe Craft Center

Calipari called for upgrades, and it looks like he’s getting them.

It looks like the Kentucky Wildcats are getting more upgrades for the basketball team’s facilities.

According to Jon Hale of the Courier-Journal, the UK Board of Trustees is set to approve a renovation to the men’s locker room at the Joe Craft Center.

According to an item on the board’s agenda, the renovation will “include numerous enhancements to improve functionality of the space to better meet the needs of student-athletes" and is expected to cost at least $1 million. The project will "renovate and improve" the existing locker and shower space, lounge area and team meeting room into “one multi-functional space."

Addition of a “supplementation and nutrition fueling station, as well as a hydration station” is also included in the project.

According to the board agenda, the project is not expected to exceed $5 million and will be funded with private donations.

This is just one of many upgrades the basketball team has gotten to various facilities over the past two years, including renovations to Rupp Arena.

These shouldn’t come as a surprise after John Calipari called for more upgrades to the men’s facilities back in October, specifically ones at the Joe Craft Center.

“You guys know I’m always looking at the bigger picture,” Cal said. “This building is 10 years old, and it’s time. Let’s go through and make it more modern. There are some other ideas that I have.

“Again, you want to stay the gold standard. You want to tie all of what we’re doing together on the campus and other things. I’ve talked to DeWayne (Peevy) about some of that stuff. “