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John Calipari names his dream Kentucky Basketball starting 5; Who you got?

Cal let us know who his starting 5 among former Cats would be. Who would you pick?

Cornell v Kentucky Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Ever wonder what John Calipari’s dream starting five from his former Kentucky Wildcats would be?

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Calipari revealed the five guys he would pick for an all-Cal’s Cats team, and most of the picks were no-brainers.

“Well, Anthony Davis. John Wall. Karl Towns. I’d probably play DeMarcus Cousins and let Anthony be a 3. And what would the last position be? Shooting guard? I’d probably say Devin Booker.”

So, that lineup would look like this:

PG – John Wall

SG – Devin Booker

SF – Anthony Davis

PF/C – Karl-Anthony Towns

PF/C – DeMarcus Cousins

Personally, I’m also going with Davis, Towns, Wall, and Booker, but I’m not sure Cousins would fit well with two bigs already there. I’d strongly consider Malik Monk, Brandon Knight or Eric Bledsoe as a third guard so the team could have more than one shooter in Booker and have better floor spacing.

Then again, all of those guys have developed nice jumpers in the pros, especially Davis, so I’d be happy with this lineup. you also can’t go wrong with that lineup in terms of defensive potential. No one would score on that lineup.

Who you got? Perhaps an even better debate is who the all-time UK starting 5 would be.

Delk, Macy, Mashburn, Issel, Davis?

Wall, Givens, Walker, Spivey, Davis?

I think Davis is the only consensus, but outside of him, let the debate forever last!