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Trae Young cuts UK from list; Family takes jab at dorms

Trae Young is no longer considering UK, and his family took a bit of a parting shot.

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Trae Young may have some sour grapes about Kentucky essentially passing on the five-star point guard.

Make no mistake about it: John Calipari badly wanted Young, but when he wasn’t willing to make a decision in November during the early signing period, Calipari made Quade Green the bigger priority. Once Green committed, UK stopped recruiting Young, which is why he’ll pick Oklahoma or Kansas when he makes his college decision on Thursday.

Before that, Young’s family invited USA Today’s Jason Jordan into their home as they discussed Young’s six finalists, as well as the pros and cons of all six schools.

When they turned to the cons, Young’s mother took a jab at the Wildcat Coal Lodge, saying it’s the worst dorm of the schools Young is considering.

“But the housing… They’ve got the worst dorms out of all the schools,” his mother said.

“Yeah they did,” Trae says with a laugh. “But to Coach Cal’s point, you don’t pick a school based on the housing.”

“Yeah, but you’ve gotta live there for nine months,” Candice replies. “I mean come on now it was one room, the sink was in the bedroom; definitely traditional old school dorm room.”

“Yeah, the rooms couldn’t compete with Kansas, Oklahoma State and those other schools,” Trae says. “It’s not up to date.”

I will give them this: Kentucky’s facilities are certainly among the most germ-infested this season.

Still, that was a pretty odd shot to take at UK, but then again, it’s not the first time Young’s parents have been a little too blunt.

Later in the interview, Young’s family narrowed his list to three, and Kentucky did not make the cut, even though there’s been nothing there for months.