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Sunday Quickies: Defensive Reboot Success Edition

Kentucky gets it right on the defensive end, Fab Melo passes away and more in today’s headlines.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Facing a lot of recent troubles, Kentucky got a great sign last night: their defense actually played well. They were suffocating in the first half, as they forced three turnovers and a blocked shot in the first four possessions. Alabama had just 20 first half points, Kentucky’s lowest allowed margin in one half this season. The Cats also rebounded much better than usual, as they out-rebounded the Tide, who ranks 18th in the nation in rebounds.

Hopefully this continues, so we can know for sure that the defensive reboot was a success.

Tweet of the day


The rivalry is getting intense, whether Russell Westbrook wants to admit it or not.

Your quickies

Today’s effort on defense wasn’t perfect, but it was a good start - KSR
Hopefully we’re in the process of the successful reboot after this good defensive performance.

Early bracket preview suggests UofL-UK Sweet 16 is possible - Herald-Leader
The tournament committee has released its top 16 teams at this moment. They had Kentucky and Louisville in the same bracket, with the chance to meet in the Sweet 16.

Don’t sound the alarm on UK just yet - Courier-Journal
Kentucky may have had the fire alarm of its hotel set off three the night before the game, but it’s not time to sound the alarm on them just yet. They showed that they still have some promise against Alabama.

Kentucky hits 1,000 straight games with a made three - SEC Country
To give you some perspective on just how long this streak is: Calipari has coached less than 300 games for Kentucky, according to this article.

Calipari satisfied with Kentucky’s 3-seed in early release - CBS Sports
Calipari is fine with their seeding now, given their season so far. But there’s time for the Cats to improve that seeding.

Briscoe gives reason for a happy UK locker room - Herald-Leader
With a double-double, and the fact that he was Kentucky’s saving grace against Bama, Briscoe is a reason for Kentucky to feel good right now.

Former Celtic Fab Melo passes at age 26 - SB Nation
Melo played for the Syracuse Orange, and played for the Boston Celtics for a short time. He then returned to his native Brazil, which is where he passed yesterday.

Joel Embiid has minor cartilage tear - NBA
Embiid was seen dancing at a Meek Mill concert, which caused some backlash, given the injury.

Dak Prescott is more than just a quarterback - FOX Sports
Prescott is a sign that the Dallas Cowboys are moving forward. They were a good team before (when fully healthy), but Prescott gives them the potential to be great.

Charles Oakley responds to James Dolan about alcoholism - ESPN
The New York Knicks saga continues, and it continues to be a mess.

Headlines from the day after Tom Brady was drafted - Atlanta Journal Constitution
The year was 2000. The greatest quarterback of all-time had just been drafted. But clearly, no one had any idea what they were in for when it came to Tom Brady.

Raiders still planning on Vegas move despite billionaire backing out - CBS
The Oakland Raiders seem intent on making themselves the Las Vegas Raiders, whether the fans want it or not.

Got a Valentine’s Day crush? Do what Van Gogh did! - Mashable
Vincent Van Gogh figurines are being sold on Kickstarter...with detachable ears. That’s right. You can give your special somene Vincent Van Gogh’s ear.