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Hamidou Diallo in uniform at Alabama

UK Athletics


Welp. So much for that...

Will we see the Kentucky Wildcats use Hamidou Diallo at Alabama?

It certainly appears that the freshman guard could make his debut in Tuscaloosa, despite the team continuing to say there’s no plan for him to play this season. After Diallo said Friday that he’s planning to redshirt and not play this season, he’s in uniform prior to game time vs Alabama.

Diallo has been with UK for a full month now, so it’s possible he’s ready for his first college action since joining the team as a mid-season enrollee, but it’s hard to see him playing much, if at all on the road against a quality foe. If he’s going to play, ideally his debut would be at home against a lesser team, like this past week vs LSU, but who knows.

One thing is for sure: UK could certainly use another athletic guard who can guard the perimeter better, and Diallo has said he’s had no trouble guarding anyone on this team...