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Kentucky Basketball team endures 3 false alarms before facing Alabama

The Cats may look a little groggy when they face Alabama.

Wisconsin v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats got a bit of a scare early Saturday morning when a fire alarm forced them from their Tuscaloosa hotel as they prepare to face Alabama.

A UK spokesman has confirmed that the alarm, which was set off around 3:30 am, led to the team and other hotel tenants being evacuated from the hotel, but that wasn’t the end.

Two more alarms would be set off around 5 am and 7 am. Thankfully, the 5 am alarm did not lead to an evacuation, and the 7 am alarm came around the time the team was getting set to leave for a morning shootaround.

Still, this is a less-than-ideal situation for the Cats, who have already been struggling to play 40 minutes at a high level. It won’t help having to do so with far less than a full night of sleep, especially against an Alabama team that’s starting to peak.