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Nick Haynes no longer with Kentucky Wildcats football team

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Sadly, you could see this one coming.

Kentucky v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Senior guard Nick Haynes has parted ways with the Kentucky Wildcats football program, head coach Mark Stoops announced after Saturday’s practice.

Haynes has been vocal on social media lately about his criticisms of the coaching staff, including this tweet that has since been deleted:

“Most of these coaches don’t care about us personally. It’s all about that check. That’s the one big thing I’ve observed here at UK. They’ll use you up for all your worth and then throw you to the side.”

Haynes, who suffers from diabetes, has had trouble keeping his weight up this season. He currently weighs around 260 pounds, although he is listed at 300. He has not felt comfortable playing at such a low weight, and has not been on the field for an offensive down since October 7th against Missouri.

It is worth noting that this was a mutual decision in an effort to allow Haynes to focus on his health so he can be at a better place to focus on his future in football. You hate to see a senior not finish the season, especially when only a bowl game remains.

Haynes believes he could have a career in the NFL, but as an offensive lineman he definitely needs to get his weight under control. Hopefully this time off from playing will allow him to get to a place, both physically and mentally, where he can allow football to once again be a priority.