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PJ Washington’s dad not interested in telling John Calipari what to do

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Paul Washington is no LaVar Ball.

NCAA Basketball: Illinois-Chicago at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

PJ Washington was a five-star recruit at the nationally-known high school Findlay Prep, which can lead to egos, like LaVar Ball.

But that’s not the case with Paul Washington, PJ’s father and coach at Findlay Prep. Kyle Tucker of SEC Country recently did a profile on Paul that showed he’s a lot quieter than a certain basketball dad.

“I haven’t actually had a conversation with [Calipari] about basketball,” Paul Washington said, according to Tucker. “Being a coach, I don’t typically want to hear from parents either, you know what I’m saying? You gotta let the kids go through and do what they do.”

Washington’s dad isn’t going to concern himself with Calipari impeding on his son’s role. He knows that Calipari is going to do what’s best for the team and if Washington plays well he’ll flourish at Kentucky.

And you couldn’t really blame Washington for being a little concerned to this point, as Pj has struggled to find his role within his team thus far. The freshman forward has scored seven or fewer points in five of eight games this season, including three points in just 18 minutes in last Saturday’s win over Harvard.

That would have a lot of parents up in arms while seeing their five-star sons struggle to see the floor. Thankfully, Paul is not one of them.

You can read more of the profile here, which includes more talk from Paul on Calipari.

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