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Mark Fox has funny take on how UK “steamrolled” Louisville Cardinals

Mark Fox had a great response on how badly UK embarrassed Louisville.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats crushed Louisville on Friday, but that wasn’t the case against Georgia on Sunday.

The Bulldogs gave UK everything they wanted, but the home team managed to narrowly escape with a 66-61 win. That had many wondering if the Cats were having an emotional letdown from Friday’s demolition of their bitter rivals.

That’s not how Mark Fox sees it.

When the Georgia head coach was asked what it was like to play Kentucky two days after an emotional Louisville game, Fox had the best response from any visiting coach of all time.

“That game wasn’t emotional. They steamrolled Louisville,” said Fox.That game wasn’t emotional for Kentucky. They sat there in the second half and drank Gatorade. That wasn’t an emotional game in my opinion. They weren’t drained. The guys didn’t play huge minutes. They’re fresh as can be. That wasn’t emotional in my opinion at all.

“Now I wasn’t here and you were, so I may be inaccurate in that, but that’s what I think.”

UK fans couldn’t have put it any better, Mark. The Georgia coach was most likely a little insulted when asked that question. Georgia played Kentucky extremely tough and he doesn’t think there was any lagging emotion on Kentucky’s side to affect the game after their huge win on Friday.

Coach Fox and the Bulldogs may have lost the game today, but they won the press conference.