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Wenyen Gabriel victim of “perhaps the worst charge/block call in basketball history,” per Jay Bilas

Kentucky can’t catch a break with refs in football or basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats beat the Georgia Bulldogs, and thank goodness the game didn’t come down to one score.

Had that been the case and UK lost, fans would have had a horrific charge call on Wenyen Gabriel seared into their memory. That wound up not being the case, but the call was still bad enough that it bears mentioning.

It happened in the second half of a back-and-forth game that came down to the wire. Gabriel took a pass on the fast break and drove for the basket for what looked like an obvious and-1, but somehow, he was called for a charge:

I mean...Chris Coyte thinks that’s a bad call. That just can’t be allowed to happen. The SEC did, after all, add in collaborative instant replay to help avoid obvious missed calls like this one. They should change things up so officials can fix errors this egregious.

Even Jay Bilas had to comment on how bad of a call this was:

Ironically, it was Gabriel that his a three-pointer in the final minute to give UK a six-point lead, and it proved to be the biggest shot of the game. It also made that bad call a distant memory that had no impact on the winner of this hard-fought contest.

Let’s hope an error like this doesn’t rear its ugly head again.

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