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Josh Allen, Mike Edwards open up about NFL Draft consideration

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These two Cats will be playing on Sundays someday. Will it be in 2018?

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

After Friday’s heart-wrenching loss to Northwestern, there are a couple of juniors that need to decide if they’re going to test the NFL waters.

Mike Edwards and Josh Allen are two very talented players that will be playing on Sundays one day, but will it be sooner rather than later?

Both have a very important decision to make, and both still haven’t made up their minds yet. Here’s what Mike Edwards had to say on the situation after UK’s loss in the Music City Bowl:

“Of course I have (considered the NFL), but right now, I’m just trying to soak it in,” said Edwards. “I’m just trying to get over this loss right now. When that time comes, I’ll talk with my family, talk it over with Coach Stoops, and see how things go.”

This is the exact response you want to see from a player. It shows that he was really invested in both the team and the game. Edwards understands his potential, but he also understands the magnitude of leaving college early to try out the pros.

Mike led the team in tackles this year with 97. He also had seven pass break ups, four interceptions, and one sack. He’s a baller, and he can cover the entire field, which is exactly what an NFL safety needs to do. Based on his play and potential draft spot, Mike will probably end up going to the draft.

When asked the same question about the NFL, here’s what Josh Allen had to say:

Still got a couple of days left,” said Allen. “I have a couple of people to talk to and discuss with, so that time will come. It’s really my mom and my girlfriend who I’m going to sit down and talk to about my final decision, but I still have to keep my family a part of everything I do, because family is a big thing for me.”

There’s been rumors swirling all year about Josh Allen being a first rounder, and why wouldn’t there be? He’s a 6-foot-5, 230 pound defensive lineman that has been one of the best pass rushers in the SEC over the past two seasons. He finished with 6.5 sacks this season, which brought his total up to 14.5 career sacks.

These guys, and any other player considering the draft has until January 15th to decide. No matter what their decision is, we want to congratulate both on a great year full of excitement and memories.

Good luck to both on their decisions!