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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: You win some you lose some Edition

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Cats rout the Cards, Benny Snell gets robbed, college officials remain the worst, and a lot of videos of Anas Mahmoud getting dunked on!

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats football and basketball teams played yesterday and went 1-1. The basketball team completely dismantled the arch-rival Louisville Cardinals 90-61 while the football team lost 24-23 to the Northwestern Wildcats.

Both games gave us something to feel good about as it always feels good to kick the Dirty Birds’ butt and the football team showed grit in the face of adversity as SEC First Team running back Benny Snell was robbed at his chance to play in the Music City Bowl.

All in all it was a great day to be a Wildcat!

Tweets of the Day

Oh we enjoyed it, Cal. We enjoyed it immensely.

Nobody wants you wearing their shirt, Rick.


Music City Bowl ref explains why he tossed Benny Snell | SEC Country- And it was a predictably lame explanation. From Damian Harris, to Tim Tebow, to Booger McFarland, the entire nation crushed Chris Coyte. Here is what he had to say:

“The player got up and grabbed my arms and pushed them away and contacted me,” Coyte said, according to pool reporter Adam Sparks. “That’s a foul.”

Not only is it a lame excuse, it’s a flat out lie.

After the game, Snell gave his best Marshawn Lynch impersonation when asked about the ejection:

Benny always plays with a chip on his shoulder, it’ll be the size of a boulder when the season starts in 2018.

Cal wants PJ Washington to act like Draymond Green | Lexington Herald Leader- The energy and hustle of PJ Washington was a large part of the Cats’ rout of Louisville yesterday. Calipari wants that attitude, one he likens to Draymond Green’s, to be Washington’s identity going forward. I think it is great advice.

Lopsided loss shows UL misses Pitino | CBS Sports- Would the game have been closer if Pitino had been on the bench? Probably. But that doesn’t hide the fact that all the talent UofL supposedly has isn’t what people thought it would be.

Quentin Snider and Deng Adel question team after loss to UK | WDRB- The Cards flat out quit against the Cats in the second half and the players weren’t shy about expressing their doubts about how the game was coached from their end.

UK rediscovered identity in bowl loss | Courier-Journal- The regular season ended in embarrassing fashion against the Cardinals. Fans questioned the discipline of the team and the heart. But in the face of adversity, Kentucky once again found its toughness and the seniors went out in a blaze of glory in the end.

Cats hammer Cards | Card Chronicle- The only reason I’m posting this is so you can enjoy the comments section. Be careful because, in true Card Chronicle fashion, many are NSFW.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander shines in blow out win | KSR- SGA was fantastic in the big win yesterday. The reserve point guard scored 24 points and added five rebounds with four assists.

Is Anas Mahmoud the most dunk-onable Cardinal of all time. Yes! The evidence:

Reminds me of this:

In all seriousness, Anas Mahmoud isn’t good. Unless he’s blocking shots he’s a liability for UofL.

“We’re no longer freshmen” | SEC Country- Coach Cal was extremely happy with the win over Louisville yesterday. He loved how the team responded after getting beat by UCLA and had this to say about their maturation, “We’re no longer freshmen. I’m not saying it anymore,” he told his team, which in fact starts five freshmen, before the game. “And the other thing I said: We’ve got to start smashing people.” I love that last sentence.

Sam Darnold shaky in bowl loss | ESPN- I don’t get the draft love for Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, or Josh Allen. I know he is a Cardinal, but give me Lamar Jackson. Those other dudes are mediocre duds in college.

Baker Mayfield’s health leaves questions for game vs. Georgia | Sporting News- Mayfield has been absent for three straight days in non-football activities. His teammates haven’t been forthcoming with details, but whatever is wrong could linger into the College Football Playoff.

Mohammed Bamba stars in Texas loss to Kansas | CBS- I was watching this game as I was doing my post game show and Bamba is a stud. Kentucky is fine without him but with him they would be undefeated right now. He had 22 points and eight blocks in the loss.

Oh yeah and John Higgins is still a dick:

The NCAA really needs to do something about these officials, man. In football and basketball. They are out of control.

10 years after it ended, The Sopranos was one of the most binged shows in 2017 | Indiewire- It was the show that kicked off the Golden Age of television and still my favorite drama of all time. RIP James Gandolfini.