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SEC adding collaborative instant replay for basketball

The SEC is looking to improve instant replays on the hardwood.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Kentucky vs Arkansas Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Southeastern Conference is looking to improve efficiency in its officiating of games.

In order to do that, the conference is implementing the use of instant replay during conference play for men’s basketball.

"The goal is to increase the accuracy and consistency of the replay process,” said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. "The collaborative replay system will be operated from the SEC Video Center at SEC Headquarters.”

Tom Moore, who is a veteran NCAA official with 30 years of experience and will will assume the role of Coordinator of Men’s Basketball Replay.

Moore, in his newly created position, will work with game officials from the SEC Headquarters. In his role, he will all monitor reviews during the 2017-18 conference schedule, which is a part of a recently approved NCAA experimental rule.

"The implementation of collaborative replay in men's basketball continues the SEC's commitment to use the best-available resources to support correct outcomes when replay is used,” Sankey said. “This update to our replay review process is expected to more effectively support the Conference's men’s basketball officiating program and build on the positive results we have experienced in football officiating through the use of technology.”

During the summer, the NCAA approved an rule change — which came at the request of the SEC — that will allow a conference to utilize a collaborative Instant Replay review process for all conference contests in the 2017-18 season. According to the press release from the SEC, the collaboration will be "limited to only those plays that are reviewable under NCAA Playing Rule 11. All reviews will be initiated by game officials, who maintain final decision-making authority. The SEC is the only conference utilizing a collaborative replay process this season.”

The rule will begin during the conference regular season schedule, but it will also be used during the postseason.

"This newly created replay process will be used for the 2017-18 conference schedule as well as the 2018 SEC Tournament,” Sankey said. "While there will be an element of both, the model will be collaborative in nature. There will be a centralized video center dedicated to instant replay that will have real-time direct communication with the officiating crews in the arena at all 14 member institutions.”

Who will make the final determination during a call that is under a review and/or replay? The answer is simple.

"The game officials, based upon information developed in collaboration with Coordinator of Men’s Basketball Replay in the SEC Video Center, will ultimately make the final determination of a play's outcome,” Sankey said.