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Benny Snell and controversial ref react to ejection

I have a feeling this conversation isn’t over.

NCAA Football: Music Bowl-Kentucky vs Northwestern Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It was the call heard around the world. In the second quarter of the 2017 Music City Bowl, Kentucky running back Benny Snell was ejected for “making contact with an official.” However, what actually happened does not represent what that call implies. Check it out for yourself.

In a rare move, the officiating crew made a media appearance after the game. Kudos to them for answering questions, as Snell’s ejection was one of many tremendously questionable calls against both teams. How did they respond when asked about the call on Snell?

Absolutely. If a player grabs an official, he should be ejected. that what happened here? how did Snell respond to the incident after the game?

Benny Snell was the best football player on the field tonight for either team. Yet, he was denied the opportunity to fight alongside his teammates in a bowl game they had worked so hard to earn. I was actually surprised that his response was so tame. When pressured to give a more emotional reaction, Snell got stuck on repeat.

While complaining about officiating is certainly not a new thing, it seems that instant replay has done nothing but blur the lines on when and how those in stripes can be held accountable for their judgement. This Pac 12 crew did not make any friends from either fan base in Nashville on Friday, but who knows whether or not there will be consequences for their blatant mishaps.

The Kentucky Wildcats finish with a record of 7-6 for the second season in a row. It is difficult not to wonder if that would be 8-5 had Snell remained in the game.