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UK Basketball Recruiting: Catching up with Immanuel Quickley

Quickley says he’s looking for 1-2 more to join 2018 class, reiterates desire to land Zion Williamson

Hoop Seen

In a recent interview, Immanuel Quickley spoke about how he wants to add one or two more players to the 2018 class, including Zion Williamson, the #2 ranked player in 2018.

“We’re looking to get some more players to help me out really,” Quickley said. “We got Keldon (Johnson) and Tyler (Herro), really good players, but we want to get one or two more.”

Quickley went on to mention that he is still actively recruiting Zion Williamson to Kentucky.

“I’m pretty close with the guys we are trying to get,” Quickley said. “So like Zion (Williamson), we’re really trying to get him, so I text him every now and then.”

Quickley has been battling mononucleosis, which has kept him sidelined to start the season as he goes through conditioning to try to get back to playing shape. Mononucleosis can be difficult for athletes to come back from due to the way it drains the body’s energy.

However, it seems Quickley has recovered and will be hitting the floor soon for his high school team. In the meantime, it sounds like he is doing some solid recruiting work for Kentucky while off-the-court.

You can watch the full interview here, in which Quickley talks about battling mono, Kentucky, and returning back to his high school team.

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