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Mark Stoops and his Cats are locked and loaded

The football team had some fun playing with airsoft guns.

Aj Rose:‏ @asim_rose

So... this video of Mark Stoops holding what reportedly were airsoft guns that defensive back Kendall Randolph tweeted out is really interesting.

We’re assuming these are airsoft or paintball guns, so it looks like Stoops and some of the players took a little break from their work on the gridiron to have a little fun. Obviously, the group had a fun time as evidenced by Randolph’s tweet, saying it is the “most fun I had in a long time.”

And apparently wide receivers coach Lamar Thomas is in on it too, as evidenced by this tweet.

Seeing something more positive and light-hearted is a welcome sight. Hopefully, we see more of this type of stuff come out that shows positive interaction between Stoops, the coaches, and the players.

Things have been pretty stressful lately with finals, bowl practices, and everything else, so hopefully the players and coaches were able to enjoy this time together as they prepare for the Music City Bowl.