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Ed Reed showed up for big Kentucky Football recruiting weekend

Ed Reed was a surprise guest for UK as they look to finish off a great recruiting class.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend was huge for Kentucky Football recruiting.

24 recruits were in attendance to watch the Kentucky Basketball team take on Virginia Tech in a packed Rupp Arena.

Mark Stoops wanted all of the guys to experience the big blue nation in full, and he was not disappointed. Rupp was rockin’ yesterday and each of them saw the Cats get the victory in an exciting way.

On top of all the hype, there was a special guest that gave the guys even more of a reason to get excited. Ed Reed, a future pro football hall of famer, was in attendance yesterday to help his former position coach recruit.

Seeing a true winner like Ed Reed in attendance was huge for all of the recruits. Mark wants to surround himself with success, and there’s not many people in football that has had more success than Ed Reed.

Let’s not forget that there is currently an open position on Mark’s defensive staff.

Could this be his way of introducing Ed Reed to all of BBN?


Mark also had some of the leaders of the team get in front of each BBN member to get them excited for the bowl game. Benny Snell grabbed the mic and thanked everyone for their support, while also telling everyone that they’re going to “get this W” in Nashville.