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Quade Green says UK Basketball will beat Louisville Cardinals as a present for BBN

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Quade Green has a Christmas present in mind for the Big Blue Nation.


Quade Green is becoming a fan favorite in Lexington.

Green was already riding high after his performance in UK’s win over Virginia Tech,. In a game the Cats trailed for much of the first half and remained within a single score for most of the second half, Green finished with 17 points on 6-of-12 shooting, including two critical baskets down the stretch, all while donning a pair of black glasses due to his eye injury.

He also chipped in five assists vs one turnover, but what Green said after the game was what really endeared him to UK fans. For a Christmas present he’s getting for the Big Blue Nation, Green says a win over the Louisville Cardinals is coming:

The game will take place four days after Christmas, but a present like that is well worth the wait. If UK plays as well as they did in the second half vs Virginia Tech, it’s hard to see many teams left on the schedule beating them in Rupp Arena.

But first thing’s first: UK faces the UCLA Bruins in New Orleans next week before hosting the Cardinals on Dec. 29.