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NBC Sports has growing confidence in Kentucky Basketball

Don’t sleep on these Cats.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky vs Monmouth-NJ Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

There has not been a powerhouse to emerge in this season of college basketball yet. And the more upsets we see, the less likely it becomes that we’ll see a team that we look at and say, “oh that’s definitely your No. 1 overall seed.”

That lack of space between basketball’s great and good teams has been good for the image of a Kentucky Wildcats team that’s maybe not great yet.

And NBC Sports’ Rob Dauster says UK is still just as capable of winning it all as any other team.

Here’s what Dauster said about UK.


Frankly, I still have no idea what to make of this Kentucky team. They haven’t really been tested beyond playing Kansas, and that Kansas team, as it would turn out, is not as good as we thought they were. They are still flawed – having one point guard that can score but can’t guard and another that can guard but can’t score is going to be endlessly frustrating – but they are also flying totally under the radar right now. If we’ve learned anything through the first month of the season, it’s that no one outside of Michigan State and Villanova appear to actually be great. There is no third-best team in the country right now, best that I can tell.

So why can’t it be Kentucky?

Other notable parts: he’s folding on Alabama and Louisville, he checked on Duke and is showing concern for the Blue Devils, and he raised on Florida.

It’s good to see someone isn’t folding on the Cats like a lot of media and national pundits seem to be doing. Sure, this UK team doesn’t have the superstars of past teams, but they’re quietly gelling into a very balanced offensive and defensive team that could make a lot of noise come March.