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Jarred Vanderbilt injury update: Working out but still not practicing

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Jarred Vanderbilt is fighting to make his return, but John Calipari is playing it safe.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky Media Day Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats are will awaiting the return of Jarred Vanderbilt.

The star freshman forward has yet to appear in a game this season due to a foot injury suffered in a preseason practice. Since then, Vanderbilt has yet to even practice, but he is continuing to make progress towards a return to action.

On Monday, John Calipari gave a brief update on Vanderbilt. While he’s not practicing yet, Vanderbilt is doing more individual work with associate head coach Kenny Payne.

"I'm not going to push him Jarred),” said Calipari. “I wouldn't want to put him in situation that's not beneficial to him."

Calipari added that Vanderbilt is “begging to work out,” but Calipari has made it clear he’s playing is safe all the way in this recovery.

After all, Vanderbilt has suffered multiple foot injuries throughout high school and now early in his college career, so the last thing Calipari wants is another setback, which could compromise Vanderbilt’s ability to make a living for himself in the pros.

All said, don’t expect Vanderbilt to play in December. The original diagnoses was a return sometime in January. While Vanderbilt’s injury wasn’t as bad as originally thought, they’re still playing it safe and making sure he’s not playing until he’s 110 percent.

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