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Mark Stoops listed among candidates to replace Jimbo Fisher at Florida State

Mark Stoops’ previous ties to FSU make him a name that will be mentioned in this search, but will he get real consideration?

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

This has been one of the most exciting college football offseasons in recent memory, and the season is not even over yet.

Before it is all said and done, we will see new SEC head coaches at Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Florida, and Tennessee at a minimum. That’s nearly half the conference.

But with many dominoes yet to fall, will the Kentucky Wildcats be impacted by this year’s coaching carousel?

According to Sporting News, it is possible that Mark Stoops could be a candidate to replace Jimbo Fisher at Florida State after he accepted a record contract at Texas A&M.

Stoops is listed among nine possible replacements classified into three tiers.

Big names: Oregon’s Willie Taggart, Les Miles, and FAU’s Lane Kiffin

Big moves: Mark Stoops, Virginia Tech’s Justin Fuente, and UCF’s Scott Frost (who is supposedly headed to Nebraska)

Wild cards: Miami’s Manny Diaz, Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, and former Heisman winner Chris Weinke

Based on this list, I think you could quickly rule out Scott Frost (Nebraska), Justin Fuente (probably would not take another job in conference), and Chris Weinke (seriously?) without thinking twice. So could that really put Stoops as a top 5 or 6 candidate for the job? This is what Bill Bender of Sporting News had to say about him as a candidate.

Stoops served as a defensive coordinator at Florida State under Fisher, and he has enjoyed moderate success at Kentucky over the past five seasons. This wouldn't be a splash hire, but Stoops is a solid recruiter.

Despite what the fan base says on Twitter, I think Stoops has been meeting all of the initial expectations Big Blue Nation had of him when he arrived in Lexington. However, I have a hard time believing a nationally branded program with a recent national championship would be impressed enough with Stoops’ resume to make him their guy.

Could he end up getting a phone call? Perhaps. But I would honesty be shocked to see any “planes from Tallahassee to Lexington” stories pop up in the next few weeks.

Do you think Mark Stoops could end up being a candidate for the Florida State head coaching position?