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Jarred Vanderbilt injury update

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Days? Weeks? When will Jarred Vanderbilt return to game action?

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky Media Day Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Blue Nation’s heart skipped a beat last Friday when Jarred Vanderbilt was seen warming up on the Rupp Arena court.

However, Vanderbilt was only doing some light shooting and didn’t do most of the normal pregame warmups his teammates went through. Even so, seeing Vanderbilt on the court in any capacity was a great sight for UK fans, but what did it really mean?

In advance of this Friday’s matchup with Utah Valley, John Calipari gave a small update on Vanderbilt’ status now that the regular season has begun.

“He’ll probably start practicing at the end of the month,” Calipari said during his pre-Utah Valley presser.

This is good news, as Vanderbilt’s original hopeful return was January, and this at the very least shows us that he’s on track, if not ahead of schedule.

That said, it all but assures of Vanderbilt missing every game this month, including next week’s big matchup with the Kansas Jayhawks. My guess is Vanderbilt’s debut comes either Dec. 9 vs Monmouth or Dec. 16 vs Virginia Tech, but that’s nothing more than a guess.

Regardless, it’s great to see Vanderbilt should be back on the court very soon and making his debut before 2017 ends.

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