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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: College Basketball Begins Edition

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Kentucky gets ready for the real thing, and college basketball is on fire with finger-pointing.

NCAA Basketball: Preseason-Morehead State at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies.

There really isn’t much new today that hasn’t already been covered in some depth here, like Matt Panton’s arrest and suspension, Immanuel Quickley’s incipient commitment, and a recap of the good and bad of the Ole Miss loss. What does that leave me to talk about this morning?

Well, how about this: Apparently, a “friend” of Georgia Tech coach (former Memphis coach) Josh Pastner has told CBS Sports he provided benefits in violation of NCAA rules to Georgia Tech basketball players, and is calling his “friend” Pastner a liar:

Georgia Tech officials said last week that Pastner, the reigning ACC Coach of the Year, had no knowledge of the violations until Oct. 2, and that he immediately self-reported them to Georgia Tech’s compliance office. Asked if that’s true, Bell answered “absolutely not.” He said Pastner “100 percent” knew Okogie and Jackson were staying four nights at his home while it was happening.

Josh, you should really choose your friends more carefully.

I wonder if this will draw the attention of the FBI?

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  • Preach, Brother Mike:

No longer should the SEC be mocked as Kentucky, Florida and everyone else. This will be the deepest and strongest SEC in years, with Texas A&M, Alabama, Missouri, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss each capable of not only making the NCAA tournament but perhaps doing some damage too.


Kentucky will still be a factor in the title race by March, but it may take longer than usual for these young Wildcats to blossom. Only one rotation player from last season returns: Forward Wenyen Gabriel, who averaged 4.6 points per game. Relying mostly on talented freshmen will likely be a recipe for the unpredictable. Expect some impressive wins and head-scratching losses.

  • Grayson Allen, deep thinker:

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