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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: John Calipari visits James Wiseman

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With rumors of a reclass swirling, James Wiseman gets a visit from UK, the presumed favorite in his recruitment.

USA Basketball

A new big man target could be emerging for the Kentucky Wildcats in the Class of 2018.

It’s actually from a center currently in the Class of 2019 in James Wiseman. The five-star center out of Memphis has been rumored to be a reclassification candidate, though it remains unclear if that will actually take place, or if it’s just that; rumors.

Regardless, John Calipari wants Wiseman, whether it’s in 2018 or 2019. According to Pat Lawless, Calipari will visit Wiseman in Memphis today.

If you recall, Wiseman was recently ruled ineligible to play this high school season due to Tennessee transfer rules. But last week, Wiseman got a temporary court injunction that allows him to play for now, though it’s possible that gets overturned at some point this fall.

Whatever happens, UK remains in great shape for Wiseman, who is ranked as a top-three prospect in 2019 by most recruiting services, including No. 1 by ESPN.

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