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Music City Bowl President makes it clear that Kentucky Wildcats are high target

It’s looking more and more likely that the Cats will play in Nashville this December.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky looks to be in good shape to make the Music City Bowl this year, according to Joe Mussatto of SEC Country.

The president of the Music City Bowl, Scott Ramsey, told SEC Country that UK is “‘very high’ on his list,” according to Mussatto, who also said that it would take a significant “shakeup” in conference championship weekend in order to derail the Cats from playing in Nashville.

There are other SEC teams in the mix, according to Ramsey. In his interview with SEC Country he said that South Carolina, Texas A&M and “maybe” Missouri and Mississippi State are on the list. He didn’t say exactly where Kentucky ranks on that list.

Ramsey also said that the Music City Bowl has had a great track record with Kentucky fans heading down to Nashville and it’s always gone well when the Cats are there. Between three appearances in the Music City Bowl from 2006-09 and Kentucky’s appearances in the SEC basketball tournament in Nashville, the fans are used to the somewhat brief trip to Nashville, and BBN always shows up down there.

This news comes after KSR’s Matt Jones reported that a Music City Bowl matchup with Purdue was the likely outcome for Kentucky.

You can read the rest of Ramsey’s interview with SEC Country here, which includes Ramsey’s speculation of opponents from the Big Ten and more.