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UK Wildcats Football: Jawing and brawling highlight lopsided loss for Cats

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Tempers flared early on and continued into the second half as UofL dominated Kentucky in the regular season finale.

South Carolina v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

For Kentucky fans, the regular season finale against archival Louisville could be summed up in just one word: ugly.

After the Cards went up 7-0 early on, Kentucky went three-and-out due to a questionable no-call that many argued should have been pass interference on the Wildcats’ opening offensive drive.

The brawling began on the second possession for the cards, when Lamar Jackson was pushed out of bounds by Lonnie Johnson deep in Kentucky territory. Jackson fell to the ground out of bounds, and Jordan Jones was there to give the Heisman-winner a little head butt when he returned to his feet.

Jackson then gave Jones a shove which resulted in a shove back from Jones, and before you knew it, the two were on the ground as players from both sides tried to break the two apart.

The fight resulted in off-setting personal fouls for both teams, but that would not be the last time personal fouls would be called. Louisville took a 14-0 lead two plays after the fight and went to the locker room ahead of the Cats 31-10 at half.

After Kentucky went three-and-out to start the second half, the Cats defense gave the Cards a little help on their opening second-half drive, committing three straight penalties for 45 yards.

Jones’ three personal fouls on the day did not keep the junior linebacker off the field, making Kentucky Coach Mark Stoops the subject of criticism for many members of the media...

Overall, it was a day that the Big Blue Nation would like to forget. The good news? Kentucky still finished the season tied for its best regular season record since 1984, and a bowl game is still on the horizon. Hopefully discipline will be a focal point for Kentucky in the weeks leading up to the bowl, wherever it may be.