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Kentucky Wildcats crushed by Louisville Cardinals: 3 Things to know and postgame chatter

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An all-around awful game for the Cats.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was embarrassing. Kentucky got blown out, started a fight and let Lamar Jackson have his way. In the end it was a disappointing, anti-climactic sequel to last year’s 41-38 Governor’s Cup

Here are three things to know.

A huge fight broke out

I don’t know what Jordan Jones said to Lamar Jackson, but Jackson was not having it. The two got into a shoving match which spiraled out of control and took awhile to get cleared up. Current Kentucky (and former Louisville) wide receivers coach Lamar Thomas tried to diffuse the situation, which Jones didn’t seem happy about. There were spurts of temper flares here and there afterwards.

Can’t deny that this makes the rivalry more fun. But it’d help if the Cats competed.

Benny has himself a day (again)

Benny Snell was literally run to exhaustion. He was tackled late in the first half after running the ball 10 times on one drive and he had to just stay down. The superstar running back had 118 yards in just one half of football. And he followed that up with a successful second half, finishing the game with 211 yards and two touchdowns on 29 carries. That’s a whopping 7.3 yards per carry.

He even threw the L’s down on his last touchdown with the game already well in hand for the Cardinals.

Lamar Jackson slashed through a weak defense

Kentucky’s defense hit its low today. The Cats couldn’t do anything to stop Lamar Jackson as they did a season ago, as he was a dual-threat phenom. He had 216 passing yards and two touchdowns, as well as 156 rushing yards.

As well as Jackson played, he didn’t have the kind of monster performance that would have beaten UK. The Cats beat themselves plenty, but Lamar was still great, and hopefully this is the last time UK faces him.

Now, let’s discuss what just transpired.