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Fort Wayne player flops after making contact with John Calipari

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Or maybe John Calipari is just that powerful...

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Kansas Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


The player in question was Xzavier Taylor, and he had another flop in the second half against Nick Richards:

Get that boy a lifetime scholarship to Duke.

John Calipari has been known to get animated on the sideline, but it went to a new level during the Kentucky Wildcats’ matchup with Fort Wayne.

Late in the first half, PJ Washington deflected a pass toward the UK bench where Calipari was standing. A Fort Wayne player that was chasing the ball into the corner where Calipari was wildly gesturing ended up taking a bit of a shot from the UK coach, then had a Duke-level flop.

Thankfully, this flop did no result on anything being called on the UK coach.

As wild as Calipari has been on the sideline for most of his coaching career, this is the first time I can remember a player flopping against him.

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