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College Football Bowl Projections: Week 13 Roundup

Where will the Cats go bowling?

Kentucky v Georgia Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

After the blowout loss to #7 Georgia, the Cats options for their potential bowl games really haven’t changed much.

Now that there's only one week left in CFB, it appears UK’s potential choices have been narrowed it down to three different games:

  • The Music City Bowl on December 29th in Nashville, TN
  • The Belk Bowl on December 29th in Charlotte, NC
  • The Liberty Bowl on December 30th in Memphis, TN

I don’t think winning or losing against Louisville will necessarily affect the destination of the bowl for Kentucky. As long as they play well, these options will still be on the table.

Here’s where some of the experts have us going, along with the team they think we’ll play.

  • SB Nation’s Jason Kirk: Music City Bowl vs Northwestern ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura: Belk Bowl vs Wake Forest
  • ESPN’s David M. Hale: Belk Bowl vs Wake Forest
  • CBS Sports Jerry Palmer: Liberty Bowl vs Texas

Remember, the Cats have a basketball game against Louisville on the same day as the Belk Bowl and Music City Bowl. It will be interesting to see how this affects the outcome at all.