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Kentucky Wildcats Recruiting: James Wiseman ineligible to play this season

One of UK’s top recruiting targets won’t be playing this season.

USA Basketball

Big news coming out of high school sports today. The TSSAA has determined that two Memphis East basketball players have been ruled ineligible for the 2017-18 season.

They’re claiming the school broke the "prior link" rule for transfers.

Ryan Boyce, who’s ranked #224 nationally, and James Wiseman, ranked #2 nationally and a big time UK recruit are suspected to be the players involved. Both players played for Penny Hardaway within the last twelve months, which encouraged them to transfer to the school Penny coaches at.. Memphis East.

Here’s a statement from the committee themselves:

“The rule states that if a student with an athletic record transfers to a new school where an athletic coaching link existed within the previous 12 months, then that student is ineligible at his new school.”

This is a huge violation in high school sports, so this could easily sit them down for the season.

More importantly, a lot of analysts have James Wiseman penciled in Kentucky blue for the 2019-2020 season.

Now, this could possibly keep him out of basketball for an extended period of time, but because he’s entering his junior season, there’s no need to worry that he won’t be eligible for college call after his senior season. This is related to high school transfer rules, not NCAA eligibility.

The 6’11 forward has offers from all of these schools; Kentucky, Kansas, Arizona, Clemson, Alabama, and several other schools.

So there’s no guarantee that he’ll go here, but there’s a really good chance.

We’ll keep you updated on everything related to Wiseman and his eligibility.

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