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Zion Williamson recruiting update: Experts think it comes down to Kentucky Wildcats vs Clemson Tigers

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The trend for Clemson continues as Zion’s recruitment likely goes into the spring.

High School Basketball: Zion Williamson Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The recruitment of Zion Williamson appears to be going into the spring.

With just one day left to sign during the fall signing period, it looks as though Williamson will not sign early, meaning his recruitment could drag on for several more months.

That appears even more true after Williamson missed his visit with the Clemson Tigers this weekend, according to a report by The State. Williamson was scheduled to attend one of two Clemson basketball games this past weekend, but did not make it to either, the report said.

Matt Connolly of The State also said Williamson missed a visit to South Carolina for a scrimmage against Virginia Tech last week. It’s unclear if Williamson will reschedule his visit with South Carolina, but he is expected to visit Clemson at some point.

Recently, experts from Rivals have expressed belief that Zion Williamson’s decision will come down to Kentucky and Clemson.

Eric Bossi said that Clemson is a candidate because they’re home and Williamson’s stepfather played there. On the other hand, Williamson’s one-and-done route would go best at Kentucky and he’d have a better chance to win and play his style because the defense wouldn’t just be focusing on him, Bossi said.

“Right now there's not much good info out there and I don't think he really has any idea of what he would like to do just yet,” Bossi said.

Corey Evans was alone in saying that North Carolina and Duke are not out of the race. He’s also giving UK and Clemson a good chance as well.

Duke is a program that is not getting enough attention, nor is its rival at UNC. Let's not discount Clemson either, as the idea of playing close to home and being the guy to jumpstart the program that his stepfather once played at is definitely a point of emphasis by the Tigers' staff. I am going to stick with UK for now but I really would not be shocked with whichever program Williamson chooses.

Dan McDonald is leaning Clemson, and Krysten Peek is leaning Kentucky.

While Kentucky is still the favorite in Williamson’s crystal ball, the picks have been changing. “Foggy” predictions are now the second-highest selection percentage-wise, as 13 percent of the predictions are foggy. Kansas and Duke are at 13 percent as well and North Carolina is at seven percent. Clemson currently has just one prediction, though it was the most recent prediction.

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